mason-dixon SOUTH

dealers of southern furniture and decorative arts

About Us

Welcome to Mason-Dixon South Antiques blog. We are dealers, researchers and restorationists of all objects of beauty made in the southern states, preferably before 1840. We occasionally include objects of the Yankee variety, but only if they measure up. Newly discovered finds and information are the quests that keep us going in this business—together, my partner and I have 64 years of experience! We will post photographs and information about objects, houses, cabinetmakers, and artisans that we find interesting and informative. Please tell us what you think and share your information about antiques with us. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Our names are Bob Pearl and Ann Hall Wauford. We buy and sell and consign antiques…we handle tag sales for anyone wanting to downsize or settle an estate…we consult and appraise. If you need to decide what to keep and what to sell as you move from a larger home into a smaller one…or if you simply wish to know what you have or what you have inherited from your family, please let us to talk to you about your furniture and smalls. We know pricing for American, English and continental, and will be glad to talk to you about options for selling or buying. One piece or a houseful…we can help!

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