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First Weekend of the Judd Auction

Saturday dawned clear and quite cold…what a wonderful day to begin the George Judd Auction. Collectors and dealers arrived from 11 states — North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Texas. Phone bidders weighed in from Illinois, New Hampshire and California. Thank goodness the interest in great antique furniture and smalls is still strong!

The baskets and the Southern pottery were the categories of choice, but the sugar chest was the darling of the day!

With ham biscuits from Tucker’s and barbecue from Little Richard’s, hot coffee and sweet tea, the crowd stayed until the last hammer fell and spirits never weakened, in spite of the cold.

On Sunday, we began at 12:00 noon, and the warm sun helped to make the second day more enjoyable. Chicken stew from Tucker’s kept us happy, and once again the baskets and pottery were strong, but samplers, paintings, and wooden items were equally strong. New friends became old friends, and the old friends were happy for the occasion to be together.

The auctioneer, Lynn Myers, from Myers Auction Service in East Bend, did an exemplary job keeping us entertained, and his wonderful staff kept the bids straight and the items coming.

Our crew, as always, did a fabulous job!

We thank all of our buyers and all of our bidders for your interest and your kind words! See you next Saturday in Advance!

Ann Hall and Bob

Image 24Image 18Image 2

Guilford/Alamance Corner Cupboard

This cupboard will be sold on Sunday, November 23, at the George Judd Auction in Advance.



Guns at the George Judd Auction

We have 5 guns that will be sold at the Auction. Two will be sold on Saturday, the 15th, and three will be sold on Saturday, the 22nd.

The two for Saturday, the 15th:   1.  A curly maple full stock percussion rifle with a 39″ barrel. It has a two screw pointed tang.                      2.  A signed Jamestown 1/2 stock rifle. The maker is Henry Wright.

The three for Saturday, the 22nd:   1.  A 20 gauge Winchester Model 370 angle barrel.    2.  A 410 gauge Iver Johnson single barrel with a full choke.   3.  An 1844 Springfield rifle. Smooth bore.

Photographs of the full stock rifle:

Image 33 Image 34 Image 35 Image 36 Image 37 Image 38                                                                                                                                             Photographs of the Henry Wright 1/2 stock rifle:                           H%20wright%20lockplate[2] H%20wright%20cheek[2]H%20wright%20sign[2]

springfield%20butt[2] springfield%20gun[2] springfield%20lockplate[2]

Photographs of the Springfield rifle.


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